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Bars, Cape Colony', 'Rhodesia', 'Orange Free State', 'Transvaal', 'South Africa 1901' : top bar retained by unofficial rivets : officially impressed naming -15506 Sgt., W.G. SHARPLES, 75th.Coy., 18th.Imp, Yeo. : (WILLIAM EDWARD SHARPLES - Born around 1871 at Bury, Lancashire, a clerk by occupation on the date of attestation, 23 March 1900 : Already serving in The Duke of Lancasters Own Yeomanry Cavalry, he was promoted to the Rank of Corporal on the day of his attestation : Promoted to Sergeant on 5 July 1900 : Served in South Africa from 6 April 1900 until 24 June 1901 : The 75th.Company, Imperial Yeomanry was disbanded at Aldershot on 2 July 1901 and the recipient was discharged on that day : The original contingent of 75th.Company, Imperial Yeomanry, consisted of just 120 men of all ranks, who received the bar for 'Rhodesia': The bar is somewhat scarce to Imperial Units.) : Medal prepared in accordance with Roll which incorrectly shows recipient's second initial as 'G' : Later Roll for 'South Africa 1901' bar, dated 17 September 1903, correctly shows 'E' as his second initial : Sold with verification; copy Service and Discharge Papers Scarce GVF - £365