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Bars, 'Talana', 'Tugela Heights', 'Relief of Ladysmith' officially impressed naming - 4871 Pte. J. WHITE, Rl. Dublin Fus: (Royal Dublin Fusiliers) : (Private J. WHITE - Served with the 2nd. Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers in South Africa and was present at the first major battle fought against Boer forces at Talana Hill (Dundee), on 20 October 1899 : The Battalion formed part of Major-General Arthur Fitzroy Hart's, 5th.(Irish) Brigade in Sir Redvers Buller's operations to relieve the besieged garrison at Ladysmith and on 15 December 1899, was again in action at the Battle of Colenso in what became known as the third battle of 'Black Week', where owing to an error the Brigade attempted to cross the Tugela River at the wrong ford (Punt Drift), and encountered superior enemy forces which immediately opened fire : In the ensuing confusion the Brigade suffered over five hundred casualties before it could be extricated : During the final attempt by Buller to relieve Ladysmith, late in February, Hart's Brigade was ordered to advance to take the position known as Terrace Hill, subsequently to be called Harts Hill : On 23 February 1900 the advance was commenced but the difficulties of the terrain and the accurate fire from some four hundred burghers of the Krugersdorp and Rustenburg commandos, entrenched on the top of the hill, slowed the approach : Unable to take the hill, Hart's Brigade sheltered for the night on the lower slopes and in the morning was forced to withdraw to below the railway line having suffered severe casualties, a position it held for the next twenty-four hours : As the British outflanked the Boer positions north of the river by assaulting Pieter's Hill, Colonel Norcott's 4th.Infantry Brigade was also able to capture Hart's Hill during the afternoon of 27 February 1900 : The recipient was killed in the fighting at Harts Hill on 27 February 1900 : Ladysmith was relieved the following day.) : Sold with verification; copy Casualty Roll and related research : Mounted on long length of original ribbon Scarce EF - £845