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Bars, 'Belmont', 'Driefontein', 'Transvaal'; officially impressed naming - 7258 Pte. J. MORRELL, Grenadier Guards (The 3rd. Battalion Grenadier Guards left for service in South Africa in the SS.'Goorkha' on 25 October 1899 and arrived at Cape Town on 15 November 1899, where with 1st. and 2nd. Battalions, Coldstream Guards and 1st. Battalion, Scots Guards, it formed the 1st.Guards Brigade, which became part of Lord Methuen's Force for the advance against Boer positions which was commenced on 21 November 1899 : The following day Lord Methuen reconnoitred a very strong position held by a Boer force of between 2,000 to 2,500 men, near Belmont : The advance was commenced at 03.00 hrs. on 23 November 1899, but the 3rd.Grenadier Guards lost direction and became committed to a frontal assault on a heavily defended hill : The behaviour of the Battalion in the seizure of the hill gained the admiration and praise of everyone who witnessed it : The assault although successful cost the 3rd.Battalion, Grenadier Guards, two Officers and twenty-three men killed with a further seven Officers and ninety-seven men wounded, practically one half of the of the strength of the attacking force : The recipient was wounded in the action : By 05.00 hrs the position had been gained and consolidated and one hour later the last Boer forces had been driven from their defensive positions : The recipient remained in South Africa until 27 June 1902 on which date he returned to England : Also entitled to the King's South Africa Medal.) Sold with verification and copy Casualty Roll entry : Mounted on original ribbon. Toned EF - £445