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Bar, 'Relief of Ladysmith', officially impressed naming - 3389 Corl. W. WILSON, Scot : Rifles (Scottish Rifles) : (W. WILSON - Served in South Africa with 2nd.Battalion,(Cameronians) Scottish Rifles and is recorded on the Casualty Roll as 'Died of wounds - Spion Kop - 24.1.00' and on the Medal Roll as 'Killed - 24.1.00' : On the night of 23 January 1900 a British Force commanded by Major-General E.R.P. Woodgate ascended the heights of Spion Kop : The force reached the summit at 3.30hrs. the following day and the small Boer picquet withdrew to report the British presence : In the thick morning mist the British troops entrenched but failed to realise that they had not gained the true crest nor command of the adjacent hills such as Aloe Knoll, which overlooked their position and was still held by the Boers, from where a particularly effective enfilading fire was brought to bear on the British positions : In an attempt to secure the true crest, Woodgate was mortally wounded : Fierce fighting continued throughout the day in and around the main British trench, and as dusk fell an intense artillery and small arms bombardment made the position virtually untenable : With a considerable number of men killed and wounded, a shortage of water and inadequate medical facilities, it was decided that the only course of action that could be taken was to order a withdrawal : British losses were 322 killed or mortally wounded, 563 wounded and some 300 taken prisoner. Boer losses were put at 58 killed and 140 wounded : The Battalion suffered four Officers and thirty-three Other Ranks killed and the names of all, including the recipient are recorded on the Spion Kop Memorial.) : Sold with verification; copy Casualty Roll entry; copy photograph of Spion Kop Memorial and related research. Original silk ribbon EF - £795 .