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Bars, 'Cape Colony', 'Tugela Heights', 'Orange Free State', 'Relief of Ladysmith', 'Transvaal', 'Laing's Nek', 'South Africa 1901', (last retained by unofficial rivets) ; correctly impressed naming - 1614 Pte. H. GARDYNE, Th'croft's M.I. (Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry) : (HENRY GARDYNE - Enlisted in Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry on 20 October 1899 and was therefore among the first to join the Regiment, which was raised at Pietermaritzburg on 16 October 1899 and comprised of five hundred irregulars : The Regiment first went into action at Mooi River on 18 November 1899 and subsequently fought as part of General Redvers Buller's, Ladysmith Relief Force at the battles of Willow Grange and Spion Kop, where it suffered 122 casualties out of a total complement of 194 Officers and men : At Spion Kop on 24 January 1900 overall command of the assaulting force devolved to Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Thorneycroft, and it was he, who after consultation with the other Regimental Commanding Officers, made the decision to withdraw from the crest to prevent the further loss of life in what had become a totally untenable position : The recipient was present in the final breakthrough to Ladysmith at the end of February 1900 and was later engaged in the operations around Laing's Nek during June 1900 : He was discharged from the Regiment on 14 March 1901.) : Sold with verification; copy entry taken from the Regimental Nominal Roll and related research : Scarce NEF - £495