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Bars, 'Cape Colony', 'Talana', 'Tugela Heights', 'Orange Free State', 'Relief of Ladysmith', 'Transvaal' - officially impressed naming - 5868 Pte. M.KEANE, Rl.Dublin Fus: (Royal Dublin Fusiliers) : (MICHAEL KEANE - Born in the Parish of Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland around 1877, a groom by trade at the date of attestation at Dublin on 28 September 1896 : Served at home until 29 April 1898 when the Regiment left to serve in South Africa, and was in country at the outbreak of the Second Boer War : On 20 October 1899 the Regiment took part in the Battle of Talana Hill (also known as the Battle of Glencoe), the first major clash of the war : A frontal attack by British infantry supported by artillery drove the Boers from a hilltop position, but the British suffered heavy casualties, with 446 killed and 185 wounded in the process, including their Commanding Officer General Sir William Penn Symons, who was mortally wounded and died later at Dundee : The recipient remained in South Africa until 11 February 1902 when the Regiment left for service in India : He returned home on 23 October 1903 and was placed on Army Reserve from 22 January 1904 : He was Discharged Time Expired on 27 September 1908.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Papers, also entitled to the King's South Africa Medal with two bars : EF - £450