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No bar, correct style of engraved naming - F. TRINDER, DOM: 2ND.CL. : HMS."SHAH", - (FRANK TRINDER - Born 10 June 1855 at Woodstock, Oxfordshire, a tailor by trade on the date he joined the Royal Navy as a Domestic 3rd.Class in HMS. 'Excellent', 28 September 1873 : Advanced to Domestic 2nd.Class from 29 February 1876 : Transferred to the newly commissioned HMS.'Shah' from 1 October 1876 as Domestic 3rd.Class and advanced to Domestic 2nd.Class from 1 February 1878 : Left 'Shah' on 31 October 1879 and joined HMS.'Invincible' on 5 January 1881 : Subsequently served in 'President'; 'Euryalus' ; 'Active'; Gorgon', before joining 'Dreadnought' as Domestic 1st.Class from 30 November 1887 : Awarded Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal on 13 February 1888 and Shore Pensioned at his own request on 30 April 1888 : HMS. 'Shah', was an unarmoured iron hulled, wooden sheathed frigate commissioned for service on 14 August 1876 : Early in May 1877 HMS. 'Shah' together with the corvette, HMS. 'Amethyst' was sent to the Pacific to search for the Peruvian rebel controlled Ironclad Turret Ram 'Huascar', which had been harassing commercial shipping off El Callao, the main port of Peru and had forcibly boarded some British merchant ships. The intention was to capture the rebel vessel which was encountered by the British warships at what became known as the Battle of Pacocha on 29 May 1877 : However after a fierce exchange of gun-fire, the Peruvian ship managed to escape : 'Huascar' fired only 40 rounds, which failed to inflict any significant damage, 'Shah' received some slight shell splinter damage to it's mast : In turn 'Shah' fired some 237 rounds and 'Amethyst. 190, but none of these were armour piercing ammunition and although 'Huascar' was hit over sixty times, none penetrated it's armour shield : In a final attempt to sink the Peruvian ship, two small torpedo rams were fired from 'Shah' but these proved to be too slow and 'Huascar' was able to outrun them and escape under the cover of darkness : Two days later 'Huascar' surrendered to the Peruvian government : This was the first occasion on which the newly invented self-propelled torpedo had been used in action by the Royal Navy : It was whilst on the voyage home from visiting the Pitcairn Islands that 'Shah' was diverted to South Africa to assist in the Anglo-Zulu War.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Record and related information concerning the Battle of Pacocha : Some 311 medals without a bar were awarded to crewmembers of 'Shah' : A scarce medal, which has been neatly re-pinned at the claw, generally better than VF - £795