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No bar, correct style of engraved naming - H. MATTHEWS, Ord : HMS. 'Active' : ( Shown on Record as HENRY MATHEWS - Born Dublin. Ireland on 1 September 1860 a Schoolboy aged 15 years when he joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd.Class in HMS. 'St Vincent' in October 1875 : Advanced to Ordinary Seaman from 1 September 1878 whilst serving in HMS. 'Active' : Served in numerous ships and progressed through the Rates to become Petty-Officer 1st.Class from 20 October 1892 whilst serving in HMS. 'Ruby' : However by January 1893 he had been reduced in Rank back to AB. whilst still serving in HMS. 'Ruby' : He remained at that Rank until Shore Pensioned from 'Victory III' in 1899 : He joined the Royal Fleet Reserve on 11 August 1902 and was Discharged on 31 August 1910, but with the outbreak of the First World War he was re-employed from 2 August 1914 and served until invalided to Pension from 'Victory' on 16 November 1916, for which he was paid a War Gratuity. He was also entitled to the Egypt Campaign Medal, without bar, for service in HMS.'Thalia' during 1882 : In total 409 medals were awarded to the crew of HMS. 'Active', for service in South Africa, 183 of which were without Bar : However the addition of a Bar only denotes service in Zululand itself, a no Bar medal therefore does not indicate that the recipient did not serve on land, only that he did not cross the border into Zululand.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record. GVF - £575