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No bar, officially impressed naming - Hy. PARDOE AB., HMS.'Arethusa': (HENRY PARDOE - Born 19 September 1878 at Camberwell, Surrey, a porter by trade on the date of joining the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd.Class, 2 April 1895 : Advanced through the rates to be AB. from 1 September 1898 then serving in HMS. 'Repulse' : Joined the Leander class cruiser, HMS. 'Arethusa' from 14 November 1899 and was present in the ship during the Third China War (Boxer Rebellion) : Served in numerous ships until 'Shore Pensioned' from 'Pembroke' on 18 September 1908 : Joined Royal Fleet Reserve at Chatham the following day : With the outbreak of war he was recalled for regular service on 2 August 1914 and joined the crew of HMS. 'Royal Arthur' : Subsequently served in Coastal Patrol Vessels administered by the parent ships, HMS. 'Stephen Furness' and HMS.'Thalia' : Finally joined the Cruiser HMS. 'Crescent' on 17 May 1917 and was demobilized on 21 April 1919 : Also entitled to 1914-15 Star; British War Medal and Victory Medal 1914-19.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record : A total of 306, no bar medals for China awarded to personnel of HMS. 'Arethusa' : Light star contact marks to rim at 3 o'clock, not affecting naming, otherwise EF - £325