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Bar, 'Relief of Pekin', officially impressed naming - W. JOHNSON, AB., HMS. Centurion : (WILLIAM JOHNSON - Born Kent on 5 January 1878, a farm labourer, joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Class 2 at HMS. 'Impregnable' on 29 September 1893 : Served at sea and at shore bases and was advanced to Ordinary Seaman on attaining the age of eighteen years on 5 January 1896, whilst serving in HMS. 'Volage' : Joined HMS. 'Centurion' from 12 February 1897 and was advanced to AB. from 23 February 1898 : Was still present in the ship during the campaign in China, where he served with the Naval Brigade between June and August 1900, to relieve the beseiged garrison at Pekin : Left 'Centurion' on 20 September 1901 on joining 'Duke of Wellington' : Continued to serve both on shore and in numerous ships including for the entire period of the First World War : He was Shore Pensioned and Demobilised from HMS. 'Vernon' on 6 March 1919.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record : Only 390 medals with the bar for 'Relief of Pekin' to HMS. 'Centurion' : Two very slight edge nicks but generally Toned GVF - £595