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Victory Medal 1914-19 - ( K.8976 C.JONES, Sto.1, RN.) - (CLEMENT JONES, came from Lozells, Birmingham and joined the Royal Navy as a Stoker, serving in the Battlecruiser, HMS. 'Indefatigable' : At the outbreak of the First World War, 'Indefaticable' was serving with the 2nd. Battlecruiser Squadron in the Mediterranean, where it unsuccessfully pursued the German Imperial Navy Battlecruiser 'Goeben' and the light cruiser 'Breslau' : It subsequently bombarded the Turkish fortifications defending the Dardanelles on 3 November 1914, before undergoing a refit at Malta during January 1915 :The ship sailed to the United Kingdom in February 1915 when it rejoined the 2nd.Battlecruiser Squadron : For the following year and a half the ship conducted uneventful patrols of the North Sea but on 31 May 1916 as part of Admiral Beatty's Battlecruiser Fleet it went into action at the Battle of Jutland : At about 16.00hrs 'Indefaticable' was hit around the rear turret by two or three shells from SMS. 'Von der Tamm', it fell out of formation to starboard and began sinking towards the stern and listing to port : After more hits to the forward turret and forecastle the magazines exploded : Smoke and flames gushed from the forward part of the ship and large pieces of the metal structure were thrown hundreds of feet into the air : 'Indefaticable' was literally blown in two and sank within minutes. Of the 1019 Officers and men on board at the time only three survivors were rescued by German ships, the recipient has no known grave and is commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial : He was the son of Walter and Jane Jones of 33 Gordon Street, Lozells, Birmingham and was 26 years of age at the time of his death.) : Sold with verification, copy CWGC. information some of which incorrectly shows the recipient's service number as K.8776 and other related research GVF - £185